Protect your dependants: don't leave your loved ones in the lurch!

If you died suddenly - are your affairs in order and recorded/accessible in a secure place?
  • Orphan Assets exceed £15bn.
  • Over 60% of the UK adult population don't have a Will.

Secure your information & irreplaceable photos from everyday risks

  • Destruction from Fire, Storm or Flood.
  • Lost or stolen - Wallet/Purse or Burglary.
  • Computer Hard-drive failure.

Never forget an important event - reminder service

  • Passport/MOT.
  • Special Occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, family celebrations and other important events.

Don't' be a victim of Identity theft - do it on-line whenever you can!

  • Eliminate bank/credit card statements - stolen mail accounts for most instances.
  • Securely store all your passwords etc and utilise SafeMe's secure login function.

You can take it with you - accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • Secure on-line access from any internet connected PC.

Save time and money

  • Money saving services at your fingertips

Available now:-

  • Secure online safe for storage of personal & financial information, files and photos
  • Store internet login details and login to your on-line accounts
  • Moving home - Change address service
  • Make a Will - free SafeMe Will service
  • Diary facility with reminder service for all your special occasions
  • Accessible 24/7 from any internet connected PC in the world
  • Family Membership from £19.99 for a whole year

Coming soon:-

  • Best value unsolicited insurance renewals
  • Secure physical storage of documents and valuables (e.g. deeds etc)
  • Card/Identity Protection
  • Make a CV
  • Benefits service
  • Income Tax returns
  • Information & Advice

My Account

The My Account category contains information and facilities designed to enable the Account Holder to manage the Account. My Account is only visible to and accessible by the Account Holder.

Account Details

  • Stores information about the account, the Account Holder and a statement of Utilisation.

Account Members

  • Allows the Account Holder to add Family Members to the account and to enable Family Members as Users where desired. Once a Member has been granted User status this cannot be removed. The Account holder can disable access to a User where problems are encountered (see User Management below). SafeMe propose to develop a routine which will allow a User or the Account Holder to create a new account and transfer information. The new account would be subject to payment of appropriate fees and promotional incentives available at the time.

User Management

  • Allows the Account Holder to disable/enable Login for a User. Where the User is connected at the time the disable function is utilised - the session will be terminated. This routine can be used to protect a Users details from unauthorised access. The Account Holder may not disable their own access.

My Security

The My Security category contains 3 sections associated with management of security settings and related information for the SafeMe account.

User Details

  • Allows Users (including the Account Holder) to view and edit security details where access has been granted and they know the selected Users PIN. Non User Members are not included. Only the Account Holder can enable a Member as a User from within the My Account category (visible to the Account Holder only).

Access Control

  • Allows the Account Holder and other Users to control which Users can access their private information via the EDIT function. Where access is denied selection of Edit will return a message stating "you do not have access". Where access is allowed the PIN validation page is presented for input. Input of the selected member's PIN is required to gain access to private information. NB. The forgotten PIN function is available to a User when accessing their own private information only. It is not available for accessing the private information of any other member.

Internet Accounts

  • Enables Users to securely store security details for some or all of their internet accounts. For User convenience the SafeMe system can open a new browser window displaying the login screen for your on-line accounts. (NB. SafeMe security does not enable automatic login).

My Life

Stores information under 2 sections at the moment: Personal and Motoring. These will shortly be supplemented by additional sections covering, Education, Employment, Health and Funeral.

Enter your Passport expiry date in the Personal section and benefit from SafeMe's automatic reminder. Avoid the embarrassment and trauma associated with arriving at check-in for your much anticipated holiday and discovering that your passport is invalid (a passport must have a minimum of 180 days remaining on the date you are due to depart the UK).

There are many other opportunities to safeguard important information in all categories.

My Property

Stores information relating to Homes, Motor vehicles and other Possessions. Home information includes alarm codes whilst vehicles include key and radio/CD codes.

Store codes safely. If you lose your keys or your battery goes flat this winter - you may need to re-enter one or more code to be able to re-mobilise your car or get the radio working again. To get a radio code normally involves contacting the main dealer for the vehicle in question. They will require specific details about the vehicle - often requiring a visit to their premises. The code will cost approximately £25 and it is very likely that you will need their assistance to enter it. Avoid the cost and inconvenience - secure your valuable information now.

My Wealth

Stores information relating to Bank & Building Society accounts; Credit, Debit & Store cards; Loans & Mortgages; Savings and Investments, Pensions and Shares.

Enables Users to securely store information that will be invaluable to their dependents in the unfortunate event that they die suddenly. On a brighter note, maybe your wallet /purse gets stolen and possibly your passport and driving licence too.

SafeMe allows members to prepare for any emergency - much of this information forms the basis for Card Protection services provided by companies such as Sentinel and CPP.

My Insurance

Designed to store policy information and other important details for a range of categories including Home; Motor, Life, Pet, Travel etc. NB Not all headings may be operational at launch.

Forms the basis for SafeMe's proposed unsolicited Insurance quotations service - with the aim of sourcing best value quotations as the renewal dates approach. This service requires partner cooperation which is dependent upon SafeMe attaining sufficient membership to attract the best terms. Initially the service would apply to Building & Contents and Motor Vehicles only.

As for Wealth - this is important information which may be difficult to replace in the event of loss by fire or bereavement. it's quick and easy to record a summary of the policy details and where in electronic format, store the policy documents within the My Storage facility.

My Contacts

Stores contact information for "Friends & Family" and "Other" organisations. Create diary entries and request email reminders for important events.

Contact information includes the capability to include Contacts family details to incorporate Partners and other family members plus anniversaries and birthdays.

Contacts are classed as Shared or Private to avoid the need for Users to duplicate shared records.

My Diary

Stores diary events and reminders for Members. SafeMe email reminders based upon notice period selected. Reminders can be created automatically as part of creating Contact records. A Passport reminder is automatically created when passport expiry date is entered.

Diary events may be deleted or reminders suppressed by setting reminder option to No.

My Storage

Stores files and photos for members. Documents/photos can be scanned and stored where User posses the necessary equipment and skills.

As for Contacts storage is categorised as Shared or Private to reduce the need for duplications and allow photo/document sharing. Users can download or open any shared file but may not amend the source document or edit the description.

Private documents are subject to access control and PIN.

My Safe

The My Safe facility incorporates a comprehensive range of categories and sub sections designed to enable members to store information relating to all aspects of everyday life.

SafeMe propose to continue to develop the Safe facility to insert missing elements of information, new categories (e.g. My Business) and expand the range of subsections within each category. (e.g. Health, Education, Employment, and more to the My Life section).

There are many opportunities to safeguard important information in all the categories. Click any of the category headings in the menu for more information relating to each.

My Notepad

Enables users to create notes and store information on any subject they wish; meter readings, to do lists, wedding lists, holiday itinery, to mention just a few.

Keep a record of your whereabouts, new friends and contact details as you backpack around the world.

Shared notes can be read by all Users. Only Users granted access to the selected member can read private notes. Edit/delete are restricted to Users having both access and PIN.

My Services

SafeMe plan to develop a comprehensive range of services designed to save Users time and money. Users can utilise SafeMe's free Make a Will service (or link to SafeMe's partners, and, for more complex estate planning) and utilise the SafeMe Change of Address function. These services will be supplemented by many more in the months following launch e.g. My CV, My Benefits, My Tax Return and Identity/Card Protection. SafeMe aims to assist Users in almost every aspect of everyday life.

SafeMe's unsolicited insurance quotations service (for Home and Motor insurance) is under development. The insurance service is designed to automatically source best value offers available in the market in advance of renewal. SafeMe propose to deliver quotation information to Members via internal system messages plus email and provide links to the insurer which will remove the need to re-enter most of the relevant details. SafeMe will encourage Users who find better value quotes to submit details so that SafeMe can add these companies to our portfolio of partners -

Change Address

SafeMe's change of address function enables Users to inform Friends & Family and Other Contacts of changes to Postal Address and Home Telephone. The SafeMe Service allows Users to select who is moving, the effective date; the Contacts to be informed and the method of communication (i.e. SafeMe email, letters in PDF format for Members to print and post, or Other).

Make a Will

SafeMe's make a Will function enables Members to create a straightforward Will in minutes at no cost. Simply select and download the documents required (word or PDF formats) and follow the notes for completion.

More complex Wills can be acquired cost effectively via SafeMe's on-line partners or

Tell a Friend

SafeMe's Tell a Friend service is designed to encourage members to assist SafeMe to recruit more members. Helping SafeMe expand it's membership will enable SafeMe to accelerate development, recruit additional partners, negotiate improved terms and improve the quality of service and benefits for members.

Please help SafeMe help you

SafeMe Mission

“To change the way people securely store and manage their essential information“

Providing peace of mind to members that in an unforeseen event or emergency their information, files & irreplaceable photos will be secure and retrievable. Delivering real savings in time and money - reducing the hassle and stress of everyday life.

SafeMe is a pioneering service which may one day assist people throughout the world to securely manage their essential information and simplify life by bringing everyday tasks and information under fingertip control.

The Directors developed the concept through concentrating on the needs of individuals and families when faced with situations involving distress or emotional pain. For example, establishing a bereaved persons financial status and executing a Will or following a tragedy e.g. the Bocastle flood.

In the event of a fire - what would happen to all your information and irreplaceable photos? If you died suddenly how would your dependents cope?

Orphan Assets exceed £15billion

This is money lying dormant or unclaimed in UK bank & building society accounts, equities and investments, insurance policies and pensions; as a result of people losing track of accounts, e.g. when moving house, changing jobs; unexpected or unprepared bereavement..

Secure your details today - don't leave your loved ones in the lurch.


Only you can access information stored by you (plus family users to whom you have granted access). SafeMe personnel have no access to member's private information in unencrypted form; see Privacy Policy for more information and exceptions.

Top Class Security

  • SafeMe is the Worlds most advanced online safe for the secure storage of essential personal information, documents, files and photos.
  • SafeMe have taken every precaution to ensure that the SafeMe Service is entirely secure at all levels.
  • SafeMe utilise 256-bit SSL encryption to protect files during transfer. This is the Internet standard for the secure transmission of data. Evidence that the browser window is secure is provided via a padlock at the bottom of the screen and validity of the Thawte certificate.
  • The SafeMe application immediately encrypts the data using 256-bit AES encryption (adopted by the US Government for securing classifed information). This allows SafeMe to store your data with the utmost confidence of privacy in an ultra-secure environment.
  • Finally, the data is housed in SafeMe's dedicated digital safe in a world class data center where physical access is protected by state of the art security systems.


  • Each account has a unique ID and all Users of an Account have individual login security.
  • Each Member's private information is further protected by an individual Member PIN.
  • Access Control - allows Members to exercise control over which (if any) account Users can potentially access their private data.
  • Private information is "masked" to avoid disclosure to unauthorised Users and spectators.
  • Member Security information is not available to SafeMe personnel.


Multi-User System:

  • The SafeMe Service supports an unrestricted number of immediate family members under a single registration. Each Member may be enabled by the Account holder to operate as an account User independently from the Account Holder and other Users. See Security for further information.


  • Consists of 2 screens with random selection from drop down for submission of password (screen 2). This takes each User to a Welcome page where previous login details for all Users are displayed.
  • At this stage no private information is viewable - the User needs to select a menu function and Member to proceed to view non private data for that person. If Edit is selected the system will present the PIN verification screen to Users who are allowed access to the selected member. Correct entry of the PIN for the Selected Member will provide access to view and edit the private and public information.
  • A valid account ID, Username and Password are required for login plus PIN to view and edit private information. Users are allowed 3 login attempts following which access will be suspended for 15 minutes. Failed login attempts are recorded and "Alerts" emailed to the Account Holder.

Logging Out:

  • Once you have logged in to SafeMe, the 'Subscribe' & 'Login' links will change to 'Logout'. Please remember to click this when you are finished. This will ensure you are properly and securely logged out. It is recommended that you close down your browser after logging out.

Time out:

  • SafeMe will automatically log you out if your PC has been inactive for 15 minutes.

Forgotten Security details:

  • SafeMe incorporate "forgotten details" into it's login screens. The SafeMe system utilises security words as substitutes for Username, Password and PIN.

Keeping your security details secret:

  • You should change your security details immediately if you believe that someone may have discovered them or you disclosed them to someone for some reason.
  • If you believe that some one has accessed your personal account and gained access to your private information - you should immediately contact the various organisations to re-establish your security. Your SafeMe "Contacts" data and your SafeMe Internet details may be useful for this purpose.
  • Remember never reveal your security details to anyone unless you trust them implicitly and they need to be able to access your account.

Security on the internet:

  • Never disclose your security details to anyone; no matter how plausible they seem, even the police have no right to access your information without a court order. SafeMe will not ask for your Password or Pin other than as part of your secure login routine.
  • If you are fooled into entering your login details into a Trojan site (look-a-like) you should be able to tell this as the Welcome page will not display details for your account. Do not be fooled by any error messages on the page. Immediately close the browser and re-login to using the proper URL. You will need to change your Username and Password to restore your security. Your private details should be secure provided that you did not disclose your PIN. If PIN was disclosed you will need to change all your security details (My Security > User details) including your security words which can be used to by-pass the normal Login and PIN routine.
  • If you are at all suspicious that another site is attempting to emulate SafeMe, please contact us with the details of the URL address shown in your browser - as soon as possible. Contact us at


  • Members privacy is SafeMe's absolute priority. SafeMe undertakes to keep secure and confidential all data stored by or on behalf of Members. SafeMe will not disclose Member private data to any 3rd party organisation for any purpose without the permission of the Member or under Member control. N.B. SafeMe have no access to Members data in un-encrypted format.
  • Please see SafeMe's Privacy Policy for further information and exceptions.


SafeMe is a new company - where Members take responsibility for managing their information and Partners/Affiliates provide most of the products and services.

Development is the main focus at this stage; to continually improve the range of data and services available and to maintain high levels of service reliability/performance.

At this early stage SafeMe has more applicants than vacancies - all from suitably skilled persons residing in the vicinity of SafeMe's registered office.

SafeMe hopes to create (or sustain) many jobs in partner organisations e.g. SafeMe's call handling service is provided by ICS Limited of Nottingham.

As vacancies arise - SafeMe intends to communicate these to suitably qualified persons within it's Membership base.

Partners & Affiliates

SafeMe aim to establish relationships with the major providers of goods and services in each market sector to provide Members with a comprehensive range of services designed to save time and money.

The initial focus will be on relationships with organisations wishing to assist SafeMe in delivering a range of best value insurance policies and protection services.

SafeMe will use it's best endeavours to add benefits and services as quickly as practical and wishes to encourage suggestions from members ( and approaches from companies wishing to promote their services to SafeMe members (

A list of Partners will be made available to view in the near future.

Contact SafeMe


Customer Services:
Technical Support:
Affiliate Partners:


0844 800 2911 (All calls are charged at local rate)

Company: is the trading name for SafeMe Limited.
SafeMe Limited is a privately owned company registered in England No.04542963.
Registered Office: SafeMe House, 140A Manor Drive, Wirral, CH49 4PJ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer 5 and above; Mozilla Firefox and Netscape 6 and above. SafeMe strongly recommend that Users keep their browser software up to date with the latest versions which contain the latest security features.

How much does it cost?

Zero, nothing, Nil. The SafeMe Service is FREE to members.

What do I get?

  • Multi-User account: unlimited members/users for a single registration (limited to immediate family members of the Account Holder). Individual member security features provide individual member control over which (if any) Users of an account can access and edit each member's private information.
  • A comprehensive range of categories under which Users can securely store and manage essential information on behalf of themselves and non-user family members.
  • Peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that in the event of your untimely death all your important information is recorded and securely stored where it can be easily accessed by your dependants?. Orphan assets exceed 15bn.
  • 100mb of space for storage of essential files and photos.
  • A developing portfolio of inclusive services designed to save members time and money. Available now are Make a Will and Change Address (informs all of your stored contacts via email or letter) when you move home. Additional services under development include unsolicited Insurance renewal quotations designed to provide best value quotations for home and car insurance.
  • SafeMe services provided by SafeMe itself are free to members. Where links to affiliate partners are utilised these should provide services at reduced rates - please use the Feedback feature to report any instances where this is not the case.

Who is included in "Direct Family of the Account Holder"?

Immediate family members of the account holder include the Partner of the Account Holder and the parents and children of both; plus the grand parents and great grandparents of both and any brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts or other relatives of the account older. Children include legitimate, adopted and illegitimate children of the account holder and partner.

What Happens After Sign-up?

You have a lifetime in which to familiarise yourself with the extensive Safe feature within which you (and any other User members created by you) can securely store and manage essential information for yourself and other direct family members. SafeMe’s free Make a Will service is at your disposal as is the SafeMe change of address function (which is extremely usefull when moving home (provided you have pre-saved all your valuable Contact details).

Is my information Safe?

Is your essential information safe and secure right now?. Will it survive a fire, flood or theft from a burglar (or even other family members). Can you remember all your insurance details, pensions and investments.

The SafeMe database is anonymously hosted in a secure communications centre by a reputable hosting company. The database is fully backed up and encrypted to such a degree that it is impossible to de-encrypt the data in less than a thousand years with current technology. Data in transit is encrypted and transmitted via secure socket layer using the strongest encryption algorithms commercially available (see Thawte certificate for confirmation and the padlock in the bottom right corner or your browser when logged in).

Who has access to my information?

Your information can be described as Private or Public. Public represents non sensitive information in general circulation e.g. name and address etc.

SafeMe personnel have no access to member's private information.

No one other than authorised users of your account (to whom you have disclosed your personal PIN) have direct access to your private information. The SafeMe system will disclose some of your information on a no names basis for the purpose of acquiring best value insurance renewal quotations and for other services where you actively participate in or consent to the process. Please see SafeMe’s Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

Do I have to complete it all at once?

Users can enter as little or as much information as they wish over as long a period as they want. This is your safe - just as much as if it were physically embedded in your home. Only you have the keys (different keys for each member) and you can enter whatever you want.

SafeMe propose to continually expand the contents of the safe to enable members to store information relating to all aspects of their life.

How do I cancel my membership?

You don’t have to do anything to cancel an account. Just stop using it. You can leave your information safely stored or delete it if you wish.

You may email SafeMe at Following which SafeMe will disable your account and delete all records after 1 year.

What happens if the Account Holder dies or is incapacitated?

SafeMe propose to allow the Account Holder to transfer account holder rights to another User of the account. This is intended to allow an account to develop over many generations/life-times. The User assuming responsibility for an account will need both “access” to the Account holder and the Account Holder PIN to utilise this function. If an Account Holder dies without disclosing this information SafeMe will (subject to proof of identity and any legal requirements) provide Account Holder security information to next of Kin or Executors via secure media. In such circumstances the account holder’s access to any other members of the account will be disabled.

What happens if I forget my security details?

SafeMe personnel have no access to members’ security information.

SafeMe do not consider system driven email sufficiently secure for providing security details to members.

SafeMe offer a forgotten login details bypass to the standard login sequence which allows Users to:-

  • establish their Account ID;
  • utilise pre-stored security words in substitution for Password and PIN.

SafeMe believe that the categories selected should assist Users to create original security answers that only they are likely to know (e.g. even your spouse should not know the name of your 1st childhood sweetheart).

SafeMe are currently developing a facility designed to reset security settings and replace with a set of default values. Reset will be managed by SafeMe subject to stringent identity verification and in conjunction with the Account Holder only.

In the unlikely event that SafeMe cannot verify a callers identity sufficiently to confidently provide reset security details by email - SafeMe will send them by registered or recorded post to a firm of solicitors of your choice in your locality where you may be able to collect the envelope subject to; proving your identity (picture driving licence or passport required) and payment of a small fee.

Sharing/recording security details

Where an account is used by the Account Holder only - consider recording separate elements of your security details in a secure place - why not seal in an envelope and give to a relative or trusted associate or send yourself an email containing the information under an obtuse title that only you will recognise. Do not include your name and address with any such communication. Don’t carry your security details around in a wallet or purse or store in your mobile phone or home/work PC (unless password protected).

Do not disclose your security information to anyone unless you trust them implicitly. Do not grant access to more than one other User of your account and definitely don’t give them your Pin unless you need to do so. Notwithstanding the foregoing advice - Users with memory problems may benefit from sharing elements of their security information with at least one other account member who they trust.

Take care when entering information in the presence of others - who may guess your security Password or record your key strokes for the PIN.

Unauthorised access can only occur where security information has been disclosed to or discovered by someone who isn’t authorised to access an account.

What happens in the event of an emergency?

An emergency in SafeMe terms is used to describe when it is discovered that someone has gained unauthorised access to an account.

SafeMe send text alerts to members where the forgotten PIN routine is utilised to successfully access private information. If a Member receives a SafeMe text alert and it is/was not them logged in; they should contact SafeMe immediately (0844 800 2911) in order that SafeMe can terminate the session and disable login until they advise that they are ready to reconnect and amend their security details.
NB Text messages are not always delivered in a timely fashion so please check the time and date and consider whether the message relates to your use of the system at some earlier time.

Why is SafeMe slow or not responding?

If the SafeMe system is not responding (or response times are extended) - it may be due to any number of reasons e.g.:-

  • Internet communications problems
  • Unexpected high volume of Users
  • Hardware or software problems
  • Sustained attack from external sources
  • Problems with your PC/internet connection

If the SafeMe servers should come under any kind of sustained attack - the firewalls will be hardened to prevent all access until such attack ceases or measures are introduced to repulse requests with a recognisable footprint.

Please be patient and try later - feel free to email to ensure SafeMe are aware of any problems encountered.

How can I tell if an unauthorised User has accessed my Account?

Whenever Users login they should review the previous login information (shown on the Welcome page) to confirm the details. If this is incorrect then it is likely that their security information has been used by another person to access the account.

In addition to login history SafeMe operate a system of alerts to warn Users when certain events occur.

Every time the forgotten details (security bypass) routine is utilised email messages are sent to the User and Account holder. This will result in the Account Holder receiving duplicate email alerts where they have entered their email address as the member's email address.

Whenever a User utilises the forgotten security routine to bypass the PIN a text alert is sent to the registered mobile number for that User. Where a User receives a text alert and it's not them logged in they should contact their Account Holder or SafeMe (immediately) in order that someone terminates the session and disables login until it's convenient for the User to connect and amend their security details.
NB Text messages are not always delivered in a timely fashion so please check the time and date and consider whether the message relates to your use of the system at some earlier time.

What other safeguards does SafeMe offer?

Whenever 3 consecutive errors occur e.g. when a User incorrectly enters the password or PIN to access their own or other member’s details - their session is terminated and login access blocked for a period of time. An email is sent to the Account holder advising them who has been attempting to access who and the result.

If an unauthorised User gains access they will be restricted to viewing non private details only for all members of the Account.

To access the User’s, and any other member’s private, details requires a combination of “Access” rights and knowledge of the individual member's PIN.

If the unauthorised User had access to the Users PIN or the PIN of any other members to whom the User in question has access - then it is likely that some private information will be disclosed.

No information can be copied and pasted from the SafeMe pages - but pages can be printed as screen shots and files/photos downloaded (subject to input of the relevant PIN).

If in any doubt the User must immediately amend their security details and advise other affected members of the need to amend their PIN (and security details where they are Users).

In addition it may be necessary to advise the bank/building societies/ credit card companies, internet accounts etc of any members affected. N.B. This is no different than where a burglar has taken all this information out of your files at home. Card protection policy providers can help - but you may have contact details available at your finger tips within the My Contacts part of My Safe.

Why can’t I login?

If SafeMe prevent you from logging in for any reasons - we will always display a message on the screen. User locked, Access Disabled, Account fees overdue, etc.

You will be notified as part of the login process if you are inputting incorrect security information. Please take extra care as the information on the screen is masked and therefore typographical errors are hard to detect.

You may be unable to login simply because another User (authorised or unauthorised) has amended your security information.

If in any doubt - ask your account holder or SafeMe to disable your User access and arrange for SafeMe to apply the default settings to allow you to re-access your information.

This process is subject to a stringent identity verification procedure.

How do I change my login details and security answers?

Select “My Security > User details” under “My Safe”; select the User you wish to edit (from the drop down at the top) and select “edit”. Amend information as required; remember to select “save”. Security answers can also be entered/amended as part of this routine.

Is SafeMe regulated by the Financial Services Authority?

SafeMe is not required to register at this point in time but an application will be submitted shortly for voluntary registration. SafeMe know of no reason why it should not be approved subject to the normal processing period.

How do I make a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with any part of the SafeMe service please email or ring 0844 800 2911

How do I make a suggestion?

To submit your suggestions for improving any part of the SafeMe service please email Alternatively members logged in can complete and submit feedback.

Can I add my own data

Users can utilise the Notepad facility to store information which is not accommodated in the SafeMe proformas. Each proforma also includes a notes section to facilitate input of additional information in relation to each record created.

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